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How do I find a Gas Safe Registered Business or Engineer?

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What’s worse than working with gas? Getting it done by the wrong people. Hiring unprofessional or unregistered people to deal with your Gas fittings or appliances can be disastrous. For this very purpose, there are strict rules and regulations that all businesses must be listed on the Gas Safe Register.

In business, any downtime will cost you, which means that you must hire the right type of people to install and maintain gas appliances. In this guide, we will explain what a gas safe register is and why it is important to find the right professionals to do the work for you.

What is the Gas Safe Register?

The official list of all the businesses and individuals the government has legally permitted to work with gas and its related appliances is maintained in the Gas Safe Register. Previously, the Council for Registered Gas Installers (CORGI) was the body of registration for all gas installers. However, in 2009, CORGI was replaced by the Gas Safe Register, which then became the official gas registration body in the United Kingdom.

As a prerequisite for registering on this official body, every engineer must complete certain training and assessments to show that they are competent with gas safety. Moreover, it also gives them the authority to work with gas. If they check these criteria, they are added to the register.

The True Purpose of the Gas Safe Register

The gas safe register officially maintains the list of gas businesses, engineers, and installers licensed to work in the UK. Those on the list of gas-safe registers can carry out all types of gas works safely and legally. The listing needs to be updated every year so that the gas safety register is sure of its level of competencies.

The gas safety register is also responsible for carrying out inspections for competencies. They also carry out investigations of any complaints against those who are on the Gas Safety Register. If there is any registration breach, then the license can be revoked, and that party will be removed from the register. This legal body also reports anyone who is performing malpractice to the Health and Safety Executive, which can eventually lead to prosecution.

The gas safety register also runs public awareness campaigns for the general public to make them aware of the dangers of gas and carbon monoxide.

Who Is Eligible to Be On the Gas Safe Register?

Anyone who is carrying out gas-related work is required to be on the Gas Safe Register. Engineers involved in such work and not in the register may be at risk of hefty fines and prosecution.

Any appliance incorrectly installed and maintained by an unlicensed gas engineer can cause serious problems. It can invalidate warranties and insurance and can even lead to death. Annually, carbon monoxide and gas leaks wreak havoc in the lives of many, which is why it is crucial to regulate any such issues.

Illegal fitters cost millions to the British public every year. Out of these houses that were annually inspected, one-fifth were found to be ‘immediately dangerous.’ All such appliances were disconnected until they were declared safe by qualified engineers.

How Can You Check if Any Business Is Registered?

Checking whether any business or an engineer is on the Gas Safe Register is very easy. You can head to their official website and use their checking service to find any company. The search options are easy to follow, even if you know the basics of internet surfing.

If you do not have internet access, you can ask your safety engineer to show your gas-safe ID card. Do not forget to check this card before you allow them to do the job. You can also email or call the Gas Safety Register to find a safe business.

How Do You Check if a Gas Engineer Is on the Register?

To search if your safety engineer is on the register, enter the details on the Gas safety registers page. You can check for their qualifications. When asking for their ID card, check when they registered and when the registration expires. Every year, the safety gas register renews the ID cards with a different number. Moreover, you must also check their credentials before employing them.

How Do I Find a Gas Safety Register That Fits My Requirements?

Gas Safe Register

To find a licensed gas engineer near your residence, visit the official website and look for the option “Find a gas-safe registered business.” Alternatively, you can call the Gas Safe Register and specify your postcode so that they can locate a safety engineer near you.

Once you fill out a form, the organization will contact you with a list of at least 50 gas safety engineers near you. You need to reconfirm the following and select the best engineer that suits your requirements.

  • Contact details
  • Services that they provide (domestic and non-domestic work)
  • Qualifications for which gas type: LPG, bottled gas, or natural gas
  • Areas of work for qualification: Cooker, boiler, etc.

The official website of the Gas Safety Register also has an advanced search option. You can enter the type of services that you require or the appliance you need to get checked. You can also enter the license number on the search bar to see if the gas engineer is registered. Any license ID will have the following details.

  • ID number
  • Name of the company
  • Start date and expiry date of the license
  • Security hologram
  • Picture

Remember, finding a registered gas safety engineer is a tedious process. It can sometimes take hours or days to find one. However, going through the Gas safety register website can make the process easier.

Summing It Up

To sum it up, you must assign all gas-related tasks in your home or workplace to a licensed gas safety professional. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Hiring a professional and licensed individual ensures your family's peace of mind and safety.

The gas safety register is a legal organization that keeps a check on every organization or individual that works on gas appliances. It also helps the general public create awareness about gas and carbon monoxide leaks.

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