Commercial Fire Risk Assessment

Commercial Fire Risk Assessment identifies potential fire hazards and risks in a commercial building. It is a thorough, step-by-step review of your commercial property and onsite activities to identify potential fire hazards and advise their elimination.

Who Needs Fire Risk Assessment?

According to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is a legal responsibility of all non-domestic property owners to have a regular Fire Risk Assessment of their building. Under the law, if your building has more than five employees, you are required to keep a record of regular Fire Risk Assessments.

A Fire Risk Assessment of commercial properties is required to be carried out on an annual basis. This way, fire safety measures can be changed in case of changes in the building like an increase in the number of people, changes in floor plans, etc.

Fire Risk Assessment Details

Fire Risk Assessment is a comprehensive audit of your commercial property which includes the following things:

  1. Identify potential fire hazards like sources of ignition, fuel, oxygen, signage, etc.
  2. Evaluate, reduce, or remove those risks according to fire safety measures
  3. Identify the people at risk, and then outline a fire risk management plan based on the findings (e.g., fire alarm process, fire safety instruments, escape routes, etc.)
  4. Make sure all the fire safety instrument is in good shape (e.g., emergency lighting, portable, and fixed firefighting equipment, warning systems, etc.)

Who Is Responsible for Getting a Fire Risk Assessment for a Commercial building?

The person responsible for the commercial property is in charge of getting the annual fire risk assessment; the responsible person may be:

  1. The employer of a workplace
  2. The renter of the commercial property
  3. The manager of the owner of the building/ office space
  4. Any person who has control over a part of the commercial building
How to Get A Commercial Fire Risk Assessment?

Getting a commercial Fire Risk Assessment has never been easier! Visit our website and fill an online form to submit the details of your building. Once you have submitted the detail, our fire risk assessors will call you back to schedule an appointment within 2 working days!

After inspection, the assessor will leave the fire risk assessment report with you, or you may download it from our website.

At Gas Safety Certs, our engineers and professional teams can carry out a full check of your building and provide you with safety solutions so you can avoid penalties and ensure the safety of all occupants.

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