Commercial Gas Safety Certificate

Under the Commercial Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 2018, all commercial buildings with a gas supply used for business purposes MUST have a Gas Safety Certificate. It must be renewed every 12 months and is a legal requirement by the law.

If you don't have a Commercial Gas Safety Certificate for your building, your insurance can be invalidated. In addition, you can face heavy fines and penalties.

Types of Commercial Gas Safety Certificates

There are multiple types of Commercial Gas Safety Certificates, and Gas Safety Certs is registered to provide all of them.

The types of commercial Gas Safety Certificates are:

  1. Commercial Boiler Gas Safety Certificate (CP15)
  2. Commercial Gas Installation Testing and Purging (CP16)
  3. Commercial Gas Installation Safety Report (Non-domestic) (CP17)
  4. Commercial Catering Gas Safety Certificate (CP42)

How to Get A Commercial Gas Safety Certificate?

Getting a Gas Safety Certificate for your commercial property is a simple process. All you need to do is visit Gas Safety Certs and place an order online by filling an online form.

Once your details and payment have been submitted, a gas safe registered engineer will contact you directly in order to schedule an appointment – we can usually get to you within 3 working days of placing an order.

The engineers will assess all your gas appliances, connections, and flues to make sure everything is in compliance with the law.

All our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and can legally provide you with the required certification for your commercial property.

Cost of Commercial Gas Safety Certification

There is no set cost of Gas Safety Certification in the UK. The certification fee depends upon factors like the geographical location of your property, number of gas appliances, connections, and pipework.

Gas Safety Certs offers you the best prices and deals for your commercial utilities across the UK. Contact us to get a quote for your commercial property with no hidden costs.

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