Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)

According to the law, all property owners should get their gas appliances checked every year by Gas Safe Registered engineers to ensure their safety. After inspection, the certified engineers provide property owners with a certificate called a Gas Safety Certificate or CP12.

Here is a brief guide on the Gas Safety Certificate and who needs them:

i) For a Landlord

Under the Gas Safety Regulations 1998, you need a Gas Safety Certificate or CP12 if you are renting a property out. All landlords MUST have a Gas Safety Certificate, by law.

A CP12 Gas Certificate has a 12-month lifespan and needs to be renewed every year.

ii) For a Tenant

If you are a tenant, you must obtain a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate from your landlord. The landlord of a property needs to provide the tenant with a copy of the certificate within 28 days of the Gas Safety checks. When moving into a property, ask your landlord for a Gas Safety Certificate before moving in.

CP12 Cost

The cost of a Gas Safety Certificate varies; it depends on the size and type of property. Get an accurate cost by clicking on the “Get an Instant Quote” button on our website.

How Can You Get a CP12?

It is very easy to get a CP12. If you choose to get your Gas Safety Certificate from us, simply fill the online form available on our website or call 020 3011 2389 and provide us with the details of the property.

Next, you will have to make the payment. Once we have the details and the payment, you will receive a telephone call from our assessors within 2 working days of booking an appointment.

A Gas Safe Registered engineer will visit your property to inspect all gas appliances, pipework, and flues installed at your property to make sure everything is working according to code.

Our Engineers are registered with the Gas Safety Register; they are competent professionals who will ensure that your appliances are in compliance with the law.


A Gas Safety Certificate or CP12 includes the following information:

  1. An explanation of each appliance that is tested during the inspection
  2. Test results of safety checks on gas appliances and pipework
  3. Any and all safety concerns that are found during the inspection
  4. The work or actions required to ensure the safety of the property
  5. Details of the property and its owner (Landlord)
  6. Details of the Gas Safety Engineer who inspected the property, their sign, and the inspection date.

After the inspection is complete, we will provide you a copy of the CP12 certificate by hand. You may also download a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate from the website by clicking on the “Track Order” button.

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