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Gassafetycerts.com provides accredited gas certifications services across the UK and Ireland. Our certified local gas assessors can reach your property within 3 working days of order placement.

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Gassafetycerts.com has accredited, qualified, and skilled gas safety engineers. Our consultants and engineers assess more than 10,000+ residential and commercial properties each month, which guarantees accuracy and professionalism.

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Gassafetycerts.com makes it easier for users to access their certificates. With just one click, users can access their downloadable certificates & reports through the website. Go to gassafetycerts.com, click ‘Track Order’ and access your certificate from anywhere!

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At gassafetycerts.com, we have local assessors who can be at your doorsteps within 3 working days of order placement. With our wide coverage, you get the turnaround time of a local service with the professionalism and high-working standard of a national one.

Gas Safety Inspection Certificate

A gas safety inspection certificate can save you from legal troubles.

Are you tired of frequent headaches at home? Did you know a gas leak could be the reason? Long-term exposure to natural gas can lead to poisoning, characterized by symptoms such as headaches and fatigue. It's amazing how we can learn something new every day.

Thus, we got a remedy for you. Schedule a gas safety inspection and say adieu to headaches and nausea. But what is gas safety?

An assessment that registered engineers will carry out at your home. It includes checking all gas appliances and pipelines for leakages, installations, and damages. The inspection ends with a gas safety certificate implying that the gas appliances are safe.

"Who needs that?" you ask? Everybody does; commercial or residential property owners, local authorities, hotels, and every other place you can think of. A gas inspection certificate ensures you can use your boiler or stove without worrying about gas incidents.

However, there are some rules. If you're a tenant, ask your proprietor to give you a cp12 certificate before you move in. For current residents, you'll receive a copy of it from your landlord within 28 days after the gas safety inspections.

You, too, can get your house inspected with two steps:

  • Turning to the official site of the gas-safe register then,
  • Ordering a gas inspection by booking a registered gas-safe engineer according to your area.

And within 30-60 minutes, you can get a gas-safe home. If the charge concerns you, we can guide you through it. A gas safety inspection certificate can vary from £30 to £90 and is only valid for a year: hence annual scheduling.

We suggest you take quotes from a few companies before finalizing one. Last thing; if you haven't scheduled a proprietor gas safety inspection yet could mean you're living with the risks of many gas leak consequences, including worst-case scenarios.


Frequently Asked Questions

Gas safety is a visual inspection of damages to gas appliances, installation, and pipelines.

A gas safety check is an inspection of gas pipelines and appliances for proper installation and adjustments. And if all the chimneys and vents are open and working. It also includes examining the safety devices on the gas appliances.

Some symptoms include; headache, dizziness, fatigue, confusion, and shortness of breath.

All the gas appliances need service annually or according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Open all windows and doors to get fresh air.
  • Turn off the emergency gas shut-off valve if possible.
  • Snuff any flames nearby or remove any extinguishable material
  • Don't turn the switches for electric lights on or off.
  • Call the emergency number 
  • Don't use the gas appliance before it is marked as safe by a gas-safe engineer.

  • The smell of rotten eggs
  • Hissing sound
  • Bubbles or dust in standing water
  • House plants suddenly die
  • Nausea or headache
  • Visible damage to a gas pipeline

You may experience some or no physical symptoms: so, if you suspect a gas leak, call the gas company as soon as possible.

According to the Gas Safety Regulations 1998: a gas-safe engineer must ensure annually that all gas appliances and pipelines are safe to use.


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