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Homeowners Gas Safety Certificate

A homeowners' gas safety certificate can secure a family's health.

New house or your current one, everyone considers their home a safe place. But is it safe? When was the last time you gave it your full attention? This page reminds you to check your home for any dangers, including gas leak incidents. If you would go beyond for your health so; why not for your house?

A home gas leak can cause physical and mental damage, not to mention the worst-case scenarios. But you don't have to worry about all that because we have the best answer to your fears. A gas safety inspection can bring you peace of mind along with efficiently working gas appliances.

There are so many benefits to keep you from turning a blind eye. This gas inspection involves assessing every gas appliance, including the pipework for tight fittings, proper installation, if the gas devices are adequately set and burning, or if there's a leak and damage.

And extending to assess the safety devices on the gas appliance, there's a suitable air supply, and all the vents and flues are open for operation. These inspections end with a certificate of gas safety provided, ensuring that your home is gas-safe so you can have a sound sleep.

And what's better than sleeping without any worries? We know you'll love that! Therefore, pick up your phone and order a gas inspection as easily as possible. Just go to the gas-safe register site and book a registered engineer available in your area. And they'll be at your place according to your schedule.

Isn't this by far the most convenient service for your safety, that too, for a whole year? While not holding a homeowner's gas safety certificate can't get you fined or imprisoned, it's great to prioritize the safety of everyone with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

After the gas service: checking for leaks or damages and assessing all your gas appliances are well adjusted and working fine, you'll be given a document known as the gas safety certificate. This certificate implies that all gas appliances are safe to use.

Renting the house or just a room, your landlord is responsible for the gas checks and providing you with a copy of the gas safe certificate.

According to the 2018 regulation, landlords should arrange a gas check 10-12 months after the previous inspection. The certificate only has a year of validity.

It takes around 30 to 60 minutes. In case of any repair, the time may extend.

You can follow the following steps;

  • Open every window and door
  •  Get fresh air.
  • Turn off the emergency gas shut-off valve if possible.
  • Snuff any flames nearby or remove any extinguishable material
  • Don't turn the switches for electric lights on or off.
  • Call the emergency number 
  • Avoid using gas appliance before it is marked as safe by a gas-safe engineer.

Tenants are not obliged to be present for the inspection. A landlord, however, should be available during the gas inspection and provide the tenants with a copy of cp12.

Tenants can move in if there's a gas inspection due, but you have to provide a copy of the cp12 certificate within 28 days after the check.

A gas safety check assures that the appliances are working safely; boiler service, on the other hand, means assessing every part of a boiler and repairing or maintaining it for efficient and safe working.

A gas safety report expires within a year. You have to schedule a new gas check every 10-12 months.


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