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New building development, whether residential or commercial, is a huge undertaking. There are a lot of regulations to consider and it can be hard for owners to track whether they are meeting the legal standards. This is why hiring the right people for the job is critical. Any new build requires a gas connection. Gas supply systems must be safe and installed properly to avoid issues and worse, accidents down the line.

We specialize in helping owners with new builds to secure their property. So, we will handle all gas-related installations and safety concerns, whether you are constructing a new building from scratch or renovating and even extending existing property structures.

Why are New-Build Gas Safety Services Essential?

You must have heard how businesses and landlords are legally mandated to acquire gas safety certificates annually to ensure their property is safe. However, new-build gas safety services are not just for business owners and landlords; they are vital for ensuring that any building with a gas connection is inspected for safety to prevent any accidents, like gas leaks.

Listed below are just some reasons why gas safety certificates are important for new builds:

Proper Gas System Installation

We have years of experience with gas safety services. Our team can provide gas system installation services for new builds as well. Getting gas installation services from us assures that the installation is done with an emphasis on safety. Installation is followed by inspection to ensure no leaks, all appliances are fitted properly, and the combustion and ventilation systems are suitable for the gas system installed.

May be Legally Required

New builds may need to get a gas safety inspection done so they have the gas safety certificate. Even if it is not required, it is always best to be safe. New builds need to be approved and inspected by government authorities before receiving a certificate of approval. A gas safety certificate is an essential document that can assist with getting approval for the new build.

It Protects

A gas safety certificate vouches for a property’s gas safety measures and how these are adequate to ensure no gas-related issues are found. Since there are no problems with the gas connection, the possibility of gas-related accidents, such as gas leaks and fires, is minimized. Gas safety is a key aspect of general safety measures applied on a property. If for nothing else, get a gas safety certificate for a new build to know that you and your property are safe from any gas-related incidents.

Our New-Build Gas Safety Services

Our services include:

  • Provision of authentic gas safety certificate.
  • Repairs and maintenance of gas connections and appliances.
  • Cleaning of ventilation ducts.
  • Installing and checking gas safety devices.
  • New build gas installation and servicing.

Benefits of Choosing Our New-Build Gas Safety Services

We are uniquely qualified and provide the following advantages over our competitors:

A Service You Can Always Rely on

New-build gas safety services are not the same across the board. GasSafetyCerts has gas safety engineers dedicated to ensuring 100% safety regarding the gas connection and system. You can rely on us to provide you with a gas safety certificate which is a document that only registered gas-safe engineers can issue.

We Are Just a Call Away

We are motivated by the need to maximize customer satisfaction; convenience is central to the customer experience with the service. Dealing with all the hassle of a new build is extremely overwhelming this is why we provide our clients the ease of booking appointments and gas safety checks from anywhere.

You can schedule a visit with our gas-safe engineer online or call us using our contact number. It is a simple process whereby you select the time and date you choose. Schedule the appointment as you find suitable it can’t get any easier than this.

Get Advice

Aside from getting a gas safety inspection conducted, our team can also provide advice. New builds are especially challenging when you do not have any prior experience overseeing such a massive project. Our gas safety engineers know everything related to your gas connection. You can get the best advice from the top experts.

Regular Repairs and Maintenance

A new build may not require a lot of repairs or maintenance; however, these are common down the line. You will develop a long-term relationship by getting an initial gas safety check done by our gas safety engineers. Since our gas-safe engineer is well aware of all your gas supply systems, it is much more convenient to call the same gas-safe engineer to do repairs and maintenance. It makes the process that much easier for everyone involved.

What the New-Build Gas Safety Services Covers

Here is a summary of the checks our gas-safe engineers perform on new builds:

  • Inspection of the entire gas supply system. This includes all pipes, flues, and gas appliances.
  • Check the operational efficiency of gas appliances.
  • Get gas pressure measurement.
  • Inspect gas pipes for any signs of damage or depletion.
  • Determine whether the flues are clean.
  • See if the gas safety devices are working or not.
  • Check the suitability of the ventilation system in place at the new build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial landlords typically need a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for their properties.

Landlords should provide essential documents such as leases, tenancy agreements, inventory reports, and any required gas, electricity, and fire safety certificates.

A commercial landlord must legally provide an Electrical Safety Certificate (EICR) for the commercial property.

Yes, having an electrical certificate (EICR) for commercial premises is legally required to ensure electrical safety compliance.

Not having a gas safety certificate can lead to penalties of up to £6,000 per item and 6 months imprisonment for landlords or managing agents in the UK. Non-compliance may also result in invalidated insurance coverage.

No, letting commercial property in the UK without a valid Gas Safety Certificate is illegal. Landlords must ensure the safety of gas appliances before renting out the premises.

Suppose a landlord does not have a gas safety certificate in the UK. In that case, they can face legal consequences, including penalties, potential difficulties with insurance claims, and putting tenants' safety at risk.

A CP42 certificate refers to a document that verifies compliance with the HSE Control of Asbestos Regulations for commercial properties.

A gas service focuses on maintaining and repairing gas appliances, while a gas safety certificate (CP12) ensures that the appliances are safe and comply with gas safety regulations.

Only a Gas Safe registered engineer or a qualified professional approved by the relevant authorities can carry out a gas safety certificate.

To obtain a gas safety certificate in the UK, contact a Gas Safe registered engineer who will assess and provide the necessary certification.

No, a gas safety certificate (CP12) specifically confirms the safety of gas appliances, whereas a boiler installation certificate verifies that a boiler has been installed correctly and meets safety standards.

Importance of Gas Safety in New-Build

New-build gas safety services are important because:

  • Gas safety is a legal requirement.
  • Issues with the gas connection can be identified early on and fixed.
  • Let the experts provide gas safety for the new building for lasting protection.
  • Improves the value of the newly constructed building.
  • Fulfill regulations.

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