Choosing A Company to Get a Gas Safety Certificate

A valid Gas Certificate is a statutory requirement for Landlords under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. Proprietors must get a gas safety check every 12 months to ensure that gas appliances and gas fittings in their property are working correctly.

Landlords can get a licit gas certificate after a qualified professional assesses their properties according to the government-specified regulations.

Since homeowners must get a gas check annually to renew their gas certificate, they must choose an assessment company with qualified professional assessors, quick turnaround time, and affordable pricing.

Gas Safety Certs boasts all three.

The Cost of a Gas Safety Certificate

Gas safety certificate cost is not a fixed cost. Various factors affect the price of a gas certificate, these include the following:

  • The Type of Property: Are you getting a gas certificate for a residential, commercial, or new-build property? The type of property affects the cost of the certificate as commercial certificates cost more than residential ones.
  • Location: Where is the property located? Costs are higher in some cities and suburbs of the UK than others. Typically, big cities like London have higher gas safety certificate costs.
  • Number of Appliances: How many gas appliances do you have in your property? The more appliances, the higher the cost. On average, the cost of a gas certificate for a property with 1 boiler, gas hob, and fireplace can range from £34 – £90.
  • Special Features: Have you utilized a green deal grant to make your home energy efficient? If yes, then the cost of your gas certificate will vary. Typically, green deal assessments cost less than the standard inspection.
  • Bulk Payments: Are you getting more than one property assessment? Some companies offer discounted prices if you use their service for more than one property certificate, i.e., the gas certificate, energy performance certificate, boiler assessment, SAP, etc. In addition, some companies also offer discounts if you agree to get the next 3 or more gas assessments done from them.


How Much Does My Gas Certificate Cost?

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