August 11, 2022

What is a Commercial Gas Safety Certificate?

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You just started your own business, and someone asks you if you have received your commercial gas safety certificate. So what is a commercial gas safety certificate?

That is a good question. This guide will tell you why you need one, how to get one and why it’s so important. Starting your own business requires you to be a jack of all trades, and knowing what safety regulations you have to meet is imperative.

Let us get started so we can give you a head start on getting your certificates today.

Who Requires a Commercial Gas Safety Certificate?

The first question you would need to ask; is if your business even requires a gas certificate. Let us break down which businesses require them.

Under the Commercial Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 2018, all businesses are required by law to have a safety inspection carried out that results in the issuance of a certificate that certifies all of their gas connections and appliances are safe. This makes it legally binding for commercial businesses to have a gas safety certificate.

The easiest way to determine if you require a certificate or not is to ask yourself if your building provides a structure where individuals or groups of people are served. Secondly, does your building have gas appliances and fittings? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you need a Gas Safety Certificate to ensure your gas appliances, machines, and connections are in working order.

A registered gas engineer will carry out the inspection, and this can be renewed after a certain period. There are different kinds of commercial certificates which include:

  • CP15: Commercial Boiler Gas Safety Certificate.
  • CP16: Commercial Gas Installation Testing and Purging.
  • CP17: Commercial Gas Installation Safety Report (Non-domestic).
  • CP42: Commercial Catering Gas Safety Certificate.

Who Issues Commercial Gas Certificates?

Now that you have established that you need a certificate, we can discuss who you should contact to get one. Certificates can only be issued by gas safety engineers. They carry out various tests to ensure all of your appliances and connections are working safely.

To ensure this, they will set up a time to visit your premises and inform you of the gas certificate cost. They will visually inspect your gas connections, machines, and appliances. Then they will test for pressure and functionality and ensure they are operating as they should.

If you have appliances or machines that expel gases using an extraction process during combustion, then you will have a separate test performed on that item to ensure it is operating safely.

The gas safety engineer will record all of these checks and tests in the gas safety record form. It will have all of their observations in the form of notes and information about the gas safety engineer who carried out the inspection. In addition, your gas safety engineer will have a registration number listed on your form:

You should make sure the form has the following important information:

  • Date the inspection was carried out
  • Address where the inspection was carried out
  • Name and registration number of the gas safety engineer
  • Any problems that were found along with adequate solutions to fix those problems

What Happens When a Gas Safety Inspection Identifies an Issue?

If your gas appliances, machines, or connection do not meet the regulations, then the inspector will list it on the gas safety form. The issue arises in older properties and is something that can be addressed.

If the gas safety engineer was unable to rectify the problem during the inspection, then this issue should be resolved as soon as possible. Therefore, you should not use the gas appliance, machine, or connection until the problem has been resolved. In some cases, the gas safety engineer may disconnect the gas line until repairs have taken place.

Once the repairs have been done, you can call the gas safety engineer, who will revisit the premises to make sure everything is in working order. You will receive the official certificate within 48 hours of the inspection. In addition, your gas safety engineer will give you a copy of the gas safety register certificate that you can keep as a record that your premises have passed the inspection.

What is the Gas Safe Register?

A Gas Safe register is a collection of registered qualified gas businesses and gas safe engineers. It was launched in April 2009 and contains the most comprehensive list of qualified and registered businesses that offer gas safety certification. If you are looking for a qualified and competent gas engineer or business, this is the register you should be looking at.

As a gas-safe engineer, you are legally required to be on his register to issue safety certificates. Every year this official UK registration body carries out 40,000 inspections of engineers to make sure they are qualified to carry out inspections.

You must get a Gas Safe engineer that is listed in the Gas Safe register because using one that is not will void any certificate they issue. To search for qualified gas-safe engineers, you can check them out using this search tool.

Gas Safety Certs is also a registered business that provides domestic and commercial gas safety certificates in the United Kingdom. You can fill our online form to get an instant quote for your property today.

How Long Is the Commercial Gas Safety Certificate Valid For?

Your commercial safety certificate will be valid for 12 months. That means you must have your premises inspected again before the 12-month mark. You can have your inspection done as early as the 10th month after your previous inspection.

If you do not get the gas certificate in time, you could face a penalty, fine, and even prison time.

Get Your Commercial Gas Safety Certificate?

Now that you know how to get your commercial gas certificate and who you need to call to get one, you should not waste any more time if your commercial premises has not been inspected yet. But, as mentioned, the penalty and fines can be steep.

Making sure your premises are safe should be your priority when opening a new business. The sooner you get it done, the better.

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