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A safe working environment is not a privilege it is a right. Your employees are entitled to a safe and secure work environment to focus on their jobs without worrying about their well-being. Businesses are legally required to put in place measures to ensure workforce safety. This is why commercial buildings have to meet certain safety requirements.

Manufacturing buildings and factories, for example, must meet high safety standards, such as implementing emission control measures or having enough emergency exits. These measures can save several lives in unfortunate situations, like when a fire breaks out. Human life is precious and must be protected at all costs.

The good thing is that several safety measures are mandatory and commercial enterprises must implement these to continue operations. Commercial gas safety services are among such required measures. We are the resource for any business seeking commercial gas safety services.

Why are Commercial Gas Safety Services Crucial?

Paying for commercial gas safety services is necessary for businesses. Here are some reasons why commercial gas safety checks are so important:

It is the Law

There are certain legalities that businesses must fulfill. Commercial property owners must pay a commercial property tax, different from the residential property tax. Similarly, while homeowners who reside in their property are not required by law to ensure commercial gas safety measures have been taken, the same is not true for commercial property owners and landlords who have commercialized their property by renting it out. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requires annual commercial gas safety checks.

Employee and Tenant Safety

Safety is the main reason behind getting regular gas safety checks. Gas leaks or gas-related accidents like fires are extremely dangerous but can be easily prevented with some simple precautionary measures. A gas safety check is one such measure. Your employees can feel secure knowing that their workplace is not prone to gas-related incidents because regular gas checks are in place. This increases productivity and improves motivation to work among employees.

Helps Maintain the Value of Assets

Commercial gas safety services keep your gas supply system in good running condition. Any repairs or maintenance work needed can be done immediately, which keeps the value of the commercial property from decreasing. But it is not just the property for which the value is maintained. Any equipment that utilizes gas, like commercial stoves or industrial broilers, is also inspected. Equipment is also an asset; regular cleaning and repairs increase their longevity. Commercial gas safety services, as a result, end up providing cost savings for businesses.

Our Commercial Gas Safety Services

Commercial gas safety services provided by Gas Safety Certs include:

Issue a Gas Safety Certificate

We provide the most dependable commercial gas safety inspection services since our team consists of gas-safe registered engineers alone. We are authorized to issue gas safety certificates that landlords and companies need to prove their commercial property is gas-safe and compliant with legal requirements. Getting an inspection done without a certificate is nothing but a waste of money. Ensure you hire only those registered gas-safe engineers who can issue the CP12 or CP17.

Install Gas Appliances and Equipment

Get any gas appliances installed. Our team of gas engineers fits gas boilers, stoves, HVAC systems, and more. We emphasize safety, so you can assure that your gas appliances are fitted in a manner that maximizes safety.

Regular Repairs and Cleaning

Gas pipes, appliances, ventilation duct repair, and cleaning services are also provided. Whether cleaning the chimney or fixing the boilers, log onto GasSafetyCerts to get these services. We have the solutions to all your gas-related needs under one roof.

Benefits of Choosing Our Commercial Gas Safety Services

The question is why choose us? GasSafetyCerts is the number one provider of commercial gas safety services and here is why that is the case:

Top Gas Safety Experts

We provide residential and commercial gas safety services. All our gas safety engineers are registered, so you do not have to worry about acquiring a gas safety certificate.

Use of Latest Technology

We use the latest tools and equipment to conduct inspections. Additionally, we implement the most efficient and effective methods to do repairs. We ensure that repairs are long-lasting so our clients are not forced to get repairs done repeatedly.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

We are primarily focused on delivering the best service. That is why we offer 24/7 emergency services and easy booking for regular gas safety checks. We value our customers’ feedback and are driven to maximize the convenience and satisfaction we can provide through our service.

What Our Commercial Gas Safety Services Cover

A detailed commercial gas safety check should cover the following:

  • Are all gas pipes and fittings working fine?
  • Measure the gas pressure and check if gas pressure is consistent throughout the property.
  • Are gas appliances properly installed, and are they in good working condition?
  • Check whether safety devices, if any, are working or not. These include devices like carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Inspect for a potential gas leak or issues that may trigger a leak. These will also be fixed if the repair job is simple.
  • The property's ventilation system is checked to ensure that it provides a safe outlet for fumes and enough fresh air is being let in.
  • Checking is done for any soot deposits inside flues and chimneys to determine whether these need cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Importance of Regular Commercial Gas Safety Inspections

Now you know just how critical commercial gas safety services are for your business. Here is a list of all the reasons in brief:

  • Legal requirement
  • Ensure safety and protection
  • Prevents accidents
  • Keeps appliances and equipment in good operating condition
  • Regular cleaning and servicing of the gas supply system

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Commercial gas safety is integral to safety and following the law. It comes at a minimal cost, while the advantages of getting regular commercial gas safety services far outweigh any such costs. GasSafetyCerts is, without a doubt, the top provider of gas safety services for commercial properties. We also deal with residential properties. However, commercial properties can be tricky due to the sheer scale and scope of the job. We specialize in commercial properties, and our experts are trained to handle properties of any size and complexity. So, contact us and book an appointment for the gas safety inspection of your property. Be a responsible citizen and hire only the top professionals in the field.

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