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Gassafetycerts.com has accredited, qualified, and skilled gas safety engineers. Our consultants and engineers assess more than 10,000+ residential and commercial properties each month, which guarantees accuracy and professionalism.

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At gassafetycerts.com, we have local assessors who can be at your doorsteps within 3 working days of order placement. With our wide coverage, you get the turnaround time of a local service with the professionalism and high-working standard of a national one.

Gas Safety Report

Moving into a new house? Don't forget the gas safety report!

A new year resolution where we prioritize our family's safety! Sounds nice, right? Let's implement this in real. And for that, we've got the perfect beginner's step-in mind; the house! Make home a safe place for them!

And we offer secure lives at home. A blissful lifestyle with just one single thing: a gas safety check! "Doesn't make sense," "I don't have time," and "I don't know how to have a gas check" are all excuses to leave behind because we're here to guide you.

You may not be legally obliged to carry out the gas check; making extra efforts for your family is nice. As for landlords, it's a legal requirement to carry out the gas inspection and provide a copy of the certificate to tenants, whether senior citizens or students.

Ignoring the hazards of gas leaks can expose renters to explosions, fires, or CO poisoning: leaving you a hefty fine or legal custody. You can book a gas safety check online. Just visit the website of ''gas-safe register'' and schedule a gas inspection by a registered engineer.

The gas-safe engineer will hand you a gas safety report that'll go down to Landlord's Gas Safety Record. It conveys

  • Name, registration ID with signature of the engineer
  • Name and location of each gas appliance and vents
  • Your name and address, where the gas devices and flues are present
  • Date of safety check
  • Details on the safety check failures and
  • Details of the safe-check process on all appliances

Later, you can maintain this safety throughout the year through

  1. Having a professional install and repair your gas appliances
  2. Your gas pipework, gas appliances, and flues are maintained regularly
  3. There is no obstruction in ventilations
  4. Install natural gas and CO detectors

Frequently Asked Questions

After carrying out all the gas safety checks, landlords/homeowners will get a gas safety report (gas safety record).

It describes details on the safety check process and whether you passed the test, or any issues were found.

It assures us that the gas appliances, gas pipework, and all the flues, vents, and chimneys are working adequately and are safe to use, guaranteeing a gas-safe home.

It pens down information about you, your property, and details about the engineer. It also includes detailed components of a gas safety check; the process, gas appliances, their location, and if there's a defect that needs renewal.

The categories on the gas safety report will specify every detail on the registered business and engineer working at your place, details on the appliances about their location in the house, model, and the safety check process. The next category deals with the findings of the safety check; were the safety devices working? Flues, vents, pressure, and if the appliance is safe to use. The last category will describe every fault present in the appliances and how to rectify it. While in the bottom, the engineer will write their name and registration number with a signature.

The gas safety report will also specify the details of the work required. You have to address the issue and treat them accordingly to get the gas-safe certificate,

If your house is not gas-safe, you might be at risk of gas leaks or inefficient working gas appliances or flues. It can impose danger to your residence as well as the residents. If you're a landlord, you will be responsible for any injury caused due to gas incidents and could be qualified for a fine or imprisonment.

In case of any faults, your engineer will put on a 'danger do not use' sticker on the appliance or fittings along with a notice with details and a category under which your unsafe device falls.

  • Immediately Dangerous (ID): this device could be hazardous to residents' lives and requires immediate attention. The engineer will disconnect the appliance. 
  • At Risk (AR): This means one or more faults are present in the device. The engineer disconnects the device from further operation until fixed.