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Wondering how a gas safety report can save your life? It’s not just a document; it’s your guardian against a silent killer. Gas safety reports allow you to comply with the regulations and guarantee a safer environment. At Gas Safety Certs, our expert gas-safe registered engineers will analyze your property in-depth and issue a gas safety report.

Why Are Gas Safety Reports Essential?

You should be familiar with gas safety checks and subsequent reports if you do not want to encounter hefty fines or legal custody. Whether you buy a new home or put your property on rent, safety should be your utmost concern. Gas is one of the notorious culprits that can take away thousands of lives in an instant.

So, how do we protect ourselves against such deadly disasters? By thoroughly inspecting all the gas appliances and ensuring they are completely safe to use:

Ensures Your Safety

But staying away from gas is practically impossible because we rely on it for cooking, heating, and other essential activities. But what we can do is ensure all our appliances and pipe work is fully secure, and there should be zero risk of leakage, explosion, and carbon monoxide poisoning. This is termed gas safety inspection, which provides an assurance of a safe and secure life.

Legal Obligation

According to the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations of 1998, landlords must conduct gas safety checks annually and get their gas safety reports to ensure secure operation. But gas safety inspection does not mean you can apply your “DIY” skills here, no matter how good you are at this. Why? Because you are not legally permitted to do a gas safety check. Only a “Gas Safe” registered engineer can inspect your property and generate a gas safety report. So unless you are a gas-safe engineer, don’t take that extra burden as it won’t help at all.

Avoid Penalties

You will be penalized with heavy fines and imprisonment if you miss the annual gas safety inspection or fail to provide your tenants with a gas safety report. According to the Gas Safety Regulation 1998, you can be fined as much as £5000. If any gas-related incident occurs on your property and authorities find out that you missed an annual gas inspection, you can get a jail time of six months.

Fulfill Rental Agreement

Landlords and property owners must provide their tenants with a fresh copy of this certificate within 28 days of their commencement.

Furthermore, even if you're considering selling your property, having a valid Gas Safety Certificate is not just an option; it's an absolute necessity. It serves as concrete proof that your gas appliances are safe, and it's not something you can afford to overlook.

Alternatively, if you are a tenant and your landlord refuses to provide you with the gas safety report, you can file a complaint at Health and Safety Execute (HSE), so they can prosecute the land.

Our Gas Safety Report Services

At Gas Safety Certs, we have “Gas Safe” registered gas engineers with years of expertise in residential and commercial properties. Our gas safety check covers a comprehensive range of appliances and pipework, leaving no stone unturned. We go the extra mile by using top-notch technology and generating quick reports, ensuring your property is safe and completely secure. Our diverse service portfolio contains;

Gas Appliance Inspections

We thoroughly inspect all gas appliances in your property, ensuring they are safe and free from defects. The appliances include a boiler, water heaters, gas stoves, ovens, and hobs. In our detailed appliance inspection, we cover:

  • Safe positioning of appliances
  • Optimum temperature of the environment.
  • Correct setting of the appliances
  • Appliances are safely connected to the pipework
Pipework Checks

Our experts examine all gas pipework to ensure no leaks or issues that could endanger occupants. Our pipework inspection covers the airflows like chimneys and vents and ensures the deadly gases seamlessly pass through the airflows. We deploy:

  • Effectiveness of flue
  • Leak detection system
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Ventilation standards are up to date.
Report Generation

Once our inspections are complete, we provide you with a comprehensive Gas Safety Report. This legally required document includes:

  • Essential details on the condition of gas appliances
  • Potential risks with the current state of the appliances
  • Recommended repairs or improvements to mitigate the risks

It demonstrates your compliance with safety standards and gives you peace of mind that you and your loved ones are secure.

Benefits of Choosing Our Service

Imagine the horrors that gas leaks or faulty appliances can bring, from fires to health hazards. Gas leaks can be silent killers, lurking unseen until too late. So you should not compromise on the quality of your gas safety assessment.

At Gas Safety Certs, we do not just inspect your property to meet your legal compliance. We genuinely strive to create a better living environment for your loved ones. That's why; we take our safety inspection and report generation to the next level.

So what do you get when you choose us? You get more than just a certificate; you get a guarantee of safety and compliance:

Approved Accreditation

We only hire gas-safe registered engineers with extensive experience in performing in-depth gas system analysis. Our experts visit around 10,000 buildings daily, which reflects the level of professionalism and expertise they have.

Nationwide Coverage

No matter where you are in the UK and Ireland, our experts will contact your property within three days of the order placement. We believe that no one should be deprived of getting high-quality gas inspections, so we offer nationwide coverage with utmost efficiency and reliability.

Online Report Access

We keep the guesswork out of the equation by letting you track your order devices. Just visit our website and click on “Track Order.” Here you go. You will find all the downloadable certificates and reports. After your experts perform a gas inspection on your property, your gas safety report will be accessible to download online in the next 24 hours.

Competitive Pricing

However, safety should be embraced at any cost. But, we believe it should not come at a premium price. Therefore, we carry out high-quality gas inspections and issue reports at incredibly affordable prices.

What Does the Gas Safety Reports Contain?

From gas leak detection to detailed boiler inspection, our safety check ensures a thorough property assessment. Then, we issue a gas safety report that carries the following information:

  • The name of the issuing body
  • The date of the inspection.
  • The name of a gas engineer who carried out the inspection.
  • The address of the property.
  • The make and model number of the appliances.
  • The number of appliances and people rated for.
  • The condition of the appliances.
  • The type of fuel the appliances are rated for.
  • The date the appliances were previously tested.
  • Recommendations for the required improvements.
  • The date the certificate expires.
  • Serial number or reference of the certificate.
  • Report expiration date.

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