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Our house is a safe space. It is where we feel the most comfortable and relaxed. It provides security and safety as it is our personal space. Everyone craves for the safety of a home. But can you sleep soundly knowing that your house may not be as safe as you thought? It is impossible to say that your house is completely safe because many dangers lurk in it. Accidents and injuries at home are common, and we can never truly count out the possibility of a stranger breaking.

Residential gas services include a comprehensive list of services that keep your gas appliances in good shape, ensure your gas safety is optimized, and enable you to get your gas system fixed. Get residential gas services from GasSafetyCerts.

We provide the most reliable gas safety checks, repairs, and maintenance services. You do not have to worry about gas leaks when you have Gas Safety Certs experts inspecting your home regularly.

Why are Residential Gas Safety Services Essential?

Residential gas safety can save lives, and this fact alone should be enough for homeowners to realize just how critical and essential regular gas safety inspection can be. Still, if you need any more convincing here are some important points to consider:

Keeps you Safe

Gas leaks are not common, however, even a small leak can be deadly as it is very hard to identify. Gas is invisible and cannot be detected through the sense of sight. The noxious smell of gas or a weak hissing sound is the only way to detect a gas leak; most people cannot identify these signs until it's too late.

Regular residential gas safety services can prevent gas leaks as our experts can point out vulnerabilities in your current gas setup. Safety is a continuous process and is never truly complete.

The Value of Your Property is Maintained

If you want to maintain the value of your property over time, then you must be prepared to invest in repairs. The constant maintenance costs are an intrinsic part of owning a property since depreciation reduces the value of assets over time. Residential gas safety services are part of maintenance expenses since the service ensures that the gas supply and ventilation system are in good working condition.

Required by Law

Landlords are legally required to get annual gas safety certificates CP12 for their rental properties in the UK. Failure to comply with the law can result in a hefty fine. Landlords must responsibly get registered gas safety engineers to inspect their properties to avoid legal issues.

Reduces Repair Costs

More and more homeowners are getting their annual gas checks done even when not required by law because they realize the cost savings are worth the expense. Getting your gas connection and appliances inspected helps to identify issues before they become serious. Timely repair can save you a lot of money over time.

Our Residential Gas Safety Services

Here is what you can expect when you choose the experts at to provide you with residential gas safety services:

Registered Gas Safety Engineers

Do not be fooled by seemingly affordable services. If you want your home inspected by an expert who can issue a valid gas safety certificate CP12, only a registered gas safety engineer must be hired. Our team of gas safety engineers is registered and you can verify their status on the gas safe register.

Thorough Gas Inspection

You are guaranteed a detailed inspection every time. Every nook and cranny is checked for possible issues or abnormalities. Our gas safety engineers have a policy of sharing any concerns regarding the gas connection. So, they are not simply pointing out existing problems but issues that might also prop up shortly. They give free advice on how to rectify the situation.

Immediate Repair

Small issues, like a damaged pipe or maybe a few loose screws, can be handled immediately. Repairs that only take a few minutes are done on the spot. You are not required to hire anyone else to make these small yet necessary repairs. Get your boiler, HVAC system, or any other gas-powered appliance repaired, along with maintenance for gas pipes, as part of our residential gas safety services.

Gas Appliances Fitted

Gas appliances are not required to be fitted by a registered gas safety engineer; however, they are the top experts for the job. Our gas safety engineers not only provide regular gas safety inspection services but can also be hired to do repairs and install gas appliances. It is best not to risk gas-related appliances and get professionals to install them.

Benefits of Choosing Our Residential Gas Safety Services

The services we provide are unparalleled and here is why:

  • We hire the top experts in the industry. All our gas safety engineers are registered and can issue a valid gas safety certificate.
  • Maximum safety with minimal inconvenience. Homeowners can book an appointment through our website or by calling in.
  • Inspections are detailed, so nothing goes unnoticed. Experts give useful feedback and do small repair work without extra charge.
  • Efficient and timely service. You schedule appointments at your convenience, as we have a flexible system. You can get a gas safety engineer to visit your property, even if it is the weekend.

What the Residential Gas Safety Services Cover

You can expect the following when you hire experts at GasSafetyCerts to inspect your property:

  • A thorough examination of the entire gas supply system. This includes all the connections, appliances, and ventilation ducts.
  • A visual inspection of the gas connections. This is done to determine whether or not there are any damaged pipes, valves, etc.
  • The gas pressure is checked using a manometer..
  • All gas appliances are checked for functionality. The gas safety engineer will turn on the stove to see if the flame is strong and crisp. If the flame is weak while the gas pressure is fine, this may indicate there is a leak, or the stove needs a deep cleaning.
  • The level of carbon monoxide within the property is measured.
  • The ventilation ducts, chimneys, and walls are inspected for soot or similar deposits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial landlords typically need a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for their properties.

Landlords should provide essential documents such as leases, tenancy agreements, inventory reports, and any required gas, electricity, and fire safety certificates.

A commercial landlord must legally provide an Electrical Safety Certificate (EICR) for the commercial property.

Yes, having an electrical certificate (EICR) for commercial premises is legally required to ensure electrical safety compliance.

Not having a gas safety certificate can lead to penalties of up to £6,000 per item and 6 months imprisonment for landlords or managing agents in the UK. Non-compliance may also result in invalidated insurance coverage.

No, letting commercial property in the UK without a valid Gas Safety Certificate is illegal. Landlords must ensure the safety of gas appliances before renting out the premises.

Suppose a landlord does not have a gas safety certificate in the UK. In that case, they can face legal consequences, including penalties, potential difficulties with insurance claims, and putting tenants' safety at risk.

A CP42 certificate refers to a document that verifies compliance with the HSE Control of Asbestos Regulations for commercial properties.

A gas service focuses on maintaining and repairing gas appliances, while a gas safety certificate (CP12) ensures that the appliances are safe and comply with gas safety regulations.

Only a Gas Safe registered engineer or a qualified professional approved by the relevant authorities can carry out a gas safety certificate.

To obtain a gas safety certificate in the UK, contact a Gas Safe registered engineer who will assess and provide the necessary certification.

No, a gas safety certificate (CP12) specifically confirms the safety of gas appliances, whereas a boiler installation certificate verifies that a boiler has been installed correctly and meets safety standards.

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When it comes to protecting your personal property then no expense is too much. An annual gas safety check is a fundamental measure, aside from installing carbon monoxide detectors and having a good ventilation system, that you must take to ensure you and your family are safe from gas-related accidents. Gas leaks must be taken seriously because they are extremely injurious to health, to the point of causing death. If you own a rental property, then you are required by law to get yearly gas safety checks.

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