Commercial Boiler Service

Commercial Boiler Services are inspections carried out to ensure that boilers in commercial buildings are up to code. They include different activities to make sure that your boiler is running efficiently and safely.

Most landlords don't think that boiler services are necessary. In fact, they are essential, and neglecting them can result in disaster.

Why You Need Commercial Boiler Service?

There are four main reasons why you need regular commercial boiler services for your commercial properties:

i) Legal Requirement

If you are a landlord of commercial property (residential, educational, hospital, retail, hotel, etc.), it is your legal obligation to have a boiler and gas safety inspection every year.

ii) Building Efficiency

A commercial boiler that is regularly serviced will work more efficiently and will last longer, as compared to a boiler that is not serviced and keeps breaking down. Regular servicing will make sure the boiler is burning fuels safely, and there are no gas emissions.

iii) Prevention from Damage

Commercial Boiler Servicing is necessary to avoid galvanic corrosion due to inefficient cleaning. With regular maintenance, you can prevent your boilers from damage and extend their service life.

iv) Insurance

Another reason to get regular boiler service is the validity of insurance claims. In case of non-compliance, you may not be able to claim your insurance cover. Therefore, in case of an accident, you will be exposed to out-of-pocket costs along with legal ramifications.

How to Get A Commercial Boiler Service?

If you want to avoid the safety hazards and the risk of criminal charges that accompany non-compliance, you must get boiler service from a registered company.

At Gas Safety Certs, you can rely on our teams of seasoned professionals for commercial boiler service.

We offer a number of Commercial Boiler Services:

  1. Commercial boiler installation
  2. Commercial boiler heating systems
  3. Commercial boiler breakdown services
  4. Commercial boiler maintenance
  5. Commercial boiler repairs
  6. Commercial boiler replacement

To book the boiler service, submit the online form available on our website or call us at 020 3011 2389. Our assessors will schedule an inspection within 2 working days!

We guarantee an easy booking, quick inspection, and affordable charges.

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Penalties Against Non-Compliance in the UK

Commercial property owners who don't comply with Gas Safety Regulations and fail to service their boilers regularly face criminal charges in the UK.

They may be charged with:

  1. A £6,000 fine
  2. 6 months imprisonment
  3. Termination of your business contract
  4. Manslaughter in case someone is killed due to negligence and non-compliance

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