Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required by the law when selling or renting a residential property. The government requires it to ensure that residential properties are in compliance with the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD).

The law requires you to apply for a residential EPC at least 7 days before putting up your property for sale or rent. You or your real estate agent may upload the full EPC within 28 days of advertising your property for rent or sale.

EPC is a legal requirement in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Landlords of residential property who don’t have an EPC can be fined up to £5,000.

Our brief guide below explains EPC requirements and who needs them:

i) Selling a Property

According to the law, residential property owners must have acquired a Residential EPC before putting the property on the market.

ii) Renting a Property

Under the current law, every landlord must have a residential EPC before renting the property. Similarly, at the time of renting, the potential tenant should be given the full EPC.

iii) EPC for a New Building

For a new residential building under construction, a separate EPC is required by the person carrying out the construction. It only requires information like Architecture plans and does not require on-site inspection for the EPC. A residential EPC for a new building costs a set fee of £75.00 + VAT, as an inspection is not required.

How Can You Get a Residential EPC?

Getting an EPC is a simple and straightforward process. The first thing you must do is arrange for an inspection of your property by registered engineers.

If you choose us for the inspection, you can simply visit our website and click on “Order Online Today” to submit all the required information regarding your property. You can also call us at 020 3011 2389 to provide the details of your property.

After you have submitted the information, you will receive a telephone call from our experts with 48 hours to make an appointment for the inspection.

Our engineers will come to inspect your property at the appointed date. Once the inspection is complete, your EPC will be available online, where you can download it by clicking on the “Track Order” button.

EPC Cost

There is no uniform cost for an EPC – it depends upon different factors like the type and size of the property. Call 020 3011 2389 or click the “Get an Instant Quote” button on our website to get an accurate cost estimation of an EPC for your property.

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