EPC for Holiday Homes

EPC for Holiday Homes

According to the Department of Communities and Local Government’s Guidance Report of June 2001, all Holiday homes and properties require an Energy Performance Certificate. 
Under the new guidelines, all properties that are rented out as holiday homes for a combined period of 4 months or more than 12 months require an EPC. 
However, it is only applicable to properties with Building Regulations, i.e., mobile homes and caravans are not required to have an up to date EPC. 

What if I Don’t Have an EPC?
According to the new regulations, there is a penalty of £200 per day if you don’t have a valid EPC. Therefore, you need to have an EPC for your holiday home. 
Go ahead and order your EPC today from Gas Safety Certs to comply with the government’s regulations and avoid hefty penalties. 

How to Get an EPC for Holiday Homes? 
To get an EPC for your holiday home, you can book your appointment online with a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA). The DEA will ask you the details and questions regarding your property. 
The information required for the energy assessment includes the following:

  1. When was the holiday home built?
  2. Has the property been extended for use?
  3. Are the windows double-glazed?
  4. Are the walls of the property insulated? – If yes, then is it cavity, external, or internal insulation? 
  5. Are the boilers, and hot water cylinders, and pipework working as per code?
  6. The location of electricity and gas meters
  7. The location of room heating thermostats
  8. Whether the heating system is run by gas or electricity

This information is then entered into the system that calculates how efficient your building is in energy consumption. After a thorough check of the holiday home, you are offered an EPC valid for almost 10 years. 
Keep in mind that there is no fixed cost of getting an EPC. Prices may vary and depend upon multiple factors like the size and location of your property. 
Gas Safety Certs offers hassle free EPC to all residential and commercial property owners. Use our online form to order an EPC today!

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