Gas Safety Certificate

According to the Building Regulations, all new build properties need a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate. To get the certificate, all landlords are required to get a Gas Safety Certificate first.

If you have installed heat-producing appliances in your building like boilers, you need a Gas Safety Certificate within 30 days of installation to make sure all the gas appliances comply with the regulations.

Why Get A Gas Safety Certificate?

A Gas Safety Certificate will provide you with the documentation of the type of gas work at your new building, including gas appliances and boilers. Hence, you will know the type of gas appliances and connections in your property and whether a connection needs to be changed or re-routed.

A Gas Safety check at new build properties ensure the following:

  1. All the gas appliances are properly set, and the gas is burning at the right temperature.
  2. Appliances are stable and properly connected to the gas pipe.
  3. Chimneys, and flues, are working correctly.
  4. All safety tools are working
  5. There are no leaks in the gas pipework
Gas Safety Certification Cost

Gas Safety Certification costs vary according to different factors like the location of your property, the total area of your property, etc.

To get an accurate cost estimation, get in touch with our team of Gas Safe Registered engineers today and get your gas appliances and connections checked at competitive prices.

How to Get a Gas Safety Certificate?

AT Gas Safety Certs, it is easier than ever to get a Gas Safety Certificate. Simply book an appointment online at our website or by calling 020 3011 2389! You will get an inspection within 2 working days!

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