Heat Loss Calculations

Heat loss calculations are essential for new build projects because it helps determine the size of the boiler that will be suitable for your property. Heat loss calculation is a legally necessary estimate before installing a new boiler at your place.

How to Get Heat Loss Calculation?

You can get a heat loss calculation by registered engineers for your building by booking an appointment online at our website or calling 020 3011 2389.

At Gas Safety Certs, we will make sure that your buildings are properly insulated so they can maintain the desired room temperatures.

During Heat Loss Calculations, our engineers take into consideration all the aspects of the property that may have heat loss, including:

  1. Windows, Walls, Ceilings, Floor, and Ventilation
  2. Air Tightness Testing to trace uncontrolled airflow or drafts through the building
  3. Air leakage in buildings often leads to heat loss and higher CO2 emissions.

According to Part L1A of Building Regulations in the UK, all new properties and buildings need to conform to certain standards of airtightness.

Therefore, to avoid legal consequences, make sure to get Heat Loss Calculations and Air Tightness Testing today.

Contact Gas Safety Certs to book a Heat Loss Calculation Today!

Why Get Heat Loss Calculation?

Heat Loss calculations for new buildings is a challenging task and should always be done by a professional.

A Professional Heat Loss Calculation will give you the following information:

  1. The capacity of the heater required to maintain building temperature
  2. Identifying areas of heat loss through Air Tightness Testing and Air Leakage Testing to make remedies.

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