New Build SAP Energy Performance Certificate

SAP EPC is a method that measures the energy performance of newly built homes and buildings in the UK. The method uses building information from different sources, like buildings plans and drawings, to outline the building's energy efficiency.

SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) assessment is a requirement for all new buildings and homes. It calculates how much energy your new building is likely to use and how much CO2 emissions it will produce.

SAP includes an assessment of the following:

  1. Construction of the building
  2. Heating system
  3. Lighting
  4. Renewable technology

Why Do You Need SAP Energy Performance Certificate?

According to the Part L regulation, in the UK, no one can rent or sell a property unless the owner can submit the SAP EPC to ensure that the new build conforms to the government-approved SAP calculations.

It is illegal to rent or sell a new build property that doesn't have an SAP EPC. Therefore, it is essential that your building meets all the criteria of SAP EPC. In case the building falls short of the regulations and SAP assessment, we can help you improve it and obtain the SAP EPC.

SAP Energy Performance Certification is also helpful for architects and builders because it can assist in minimizing energy use and reducing carbon emissions.

SAP Assessment is needed to:

  1. Calculate energy-related costs of the building.
  2. Ensure compliance with the building regulations in the UK
  3. Compile data and calculations needed for the EPC
How Long Does It Take to Get SAP EPC?

The time needed for SAP EPC depends upon your construction timeline for your building. At Gas Safety Certs, we complete the assessment within 5-10 working days after the submission of the application.

How Much Does it Cost to Get SAP EPC?

SAP EPC cost depends on various factors like building size, number of units, etc. You can get an accurate cost estimation for your SAP EPC by calling us at 020 3011 2389 or Getting an Instant Quote on our website!

How to Get SAP EPC?

If you want to order an SAP EPC, you are at the right place! At Gas Safety Certs, we offer competitive prices and free advice on how to make your new build project meet all the Part L building regulations in the UK.

To book an appointment, submit an online form or talk to our representative at 020 3011 2389. We guarantee an easy booking process, quick inspection, and affordable charges!

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