Residential Fire Risk Assessment

A Residential Fire Risk Assessment is a process where an expert engineer inspects the property and identifies any hazards around the property that may increase the risk of fire. After the inspection of the property, important measures are taken to eliminate or limit the consequences in case of a fire.

According to the law, all landlords are responsible for their properties, and it is their duty to get regular Residential Fire Risk Assessment done to reduce the risk of fire and to ensure the safety of people.

Residential Fire Risk Assessment Cost;

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How Can You Get a Residential Fire Risk Assessment?;

If you choose Gas Safety Certs for your Residential Fire Risk Assessment, it will be a simple process.

You will simply call us at 020 3011 2389 to provide the details of your property, and with 48 hours, our assessor will call you back to schedule an inspection.

Our team of engineers and professionals specialize in residential property and conduct a thorough inspection of the property to identify any fire hazards. We provide you with a comprehensive report of potential safety concerns and ways to tackle them to ensure the safety of people and to avoid penalties from the local authorities.

For further information, contact us at 020 3011 2389, or email us at

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