Gas Safety Certificate in West Kingsdown

As a landlord, you must look forward to completing all your property's legal requirements in West Kingsdown. To do so, you will need a licensed company to conduct gas safety inspections. Hence, Gas Safety Certs are all that you are looking for! According to UK's Gas Safety Regulations, a landlord should have a gas safety certificate for their property, and we offer you that. To know more about what services we offer, continue reading:

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What Services do we Offer?

GSC offers excellent and quick gas safety checks and issues certificates in West Kingsdown and the entire UK for their properties to landlords. We offer gas-compliant services for your appliances and ensure their safety.

Following are the types of property on which we issue safety certificates to meet the legal requirement:

1.     Residential Gas Safety Certificate

We offer cp12 for residential properties to landlords. According to UK regulations, landlords are supposed to provide a copy of the certificate to their tenants. We ensure you fulfill your legal requirements by conducting a gas safety check on your property and will offer you the certification.

2.     New Building Gas Safety Certificate

If you are a citizen of the UK and planning to buy a new property, you should know that you would also need a cp12 for a new building. You must have a GSC for your new installation or ask the person about its status before you buy, as it will ensure that your property will meet the regulations. 

3.     Commercial Gas Safety Certificate

It would be best if you also have a CP-12 for your property as a commercial property owner. You can book your appointment to acquire it with us on our website. The businesses that don't get this certificate may face heavy fines and prison penalties.

To know how to acquire GSC for your property, continue reading, and you will be surprised to see how simple the entire process is!

Gas Safety Certificate West Kingsdown
Gas Safety Certificate West Kingsdown

Acquiring a Gas Safety Certificate

To acquire cp12 for your property, visit our website, choose the service you need for the type of property you own, and get a quote. Our earliest response time is only two days after order placement! The process is simple and quick. 

  • Get a quote for your property from our website.
  • Order online and track your order through our website.
  • A registered engineer will visit you within 48 hours.
  • Once we do the inspection, we will provide you with the certificate within 24 hours.

We guarantee safety services by issuing the certificate on time and preventing you from any potential fines and punishment. Hence, we help you fulfill the legal requirements to begin the safety gas check. 

Cost of Gas Safety Certificate

The gas safety certificate price in West Kingsdown varies depending on various factors, including:

  • Type of property: The cost depends on the type of property, whether commercial, residential, or a new building. Commonly commercial property certificates cost more than residential ones.
  • The property's location: Bigger cities have higher certificate costs than smaller towns like West Kingsdown. Hence, acquiring CP-12 in here will be relatively economical.
  • Number of Appliances: The more the number of appliances, the more the certificate cost will be.

On average, the price of a gas certificate for a property with two to three appliances ranges from £34 – £90. Hence, this makes it evident why residential property certificate cost is lesser than commercial ones.

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What does a gas safety certificate check involve?

During a gas safety check, a Gas Safe registered engineer will do a visual inspection of the connections and a proximity test to confirm there aren't any gas leaks.

How do I get a copy of my gas safety certificate?

You can get a Gas Safety Certificate copy by booking an appointment. All you have to do is place your order online on our website by filling out the online form, and one of our registered engineers will visit you to check your installation. You will get your certificate within two days if they are up to the mark.

What does a gas certificate include?

A typical gas safety certificate will tell you:

  • What appliances have been tested?
  • The location of the appliances.
  • The results of the safety checks carried out on the appliances or pipework.
  • Any safety issues identified.

Who is responsible for the gas safety certificate?

As a landlord, you are legally responsible for the safety of your tenants in relation to gas safety. By law, you must: Repair and maintain gas pipework, flues, and appliances in a safe condition.

Can I sue my landlord for no gas safety check?

You may not sue your landlord directly if they fail to perform gas safety checks. However, according to Gas Safety Regulations, the government can prosecute landlords who fail to meet their gas safety responsibilities.

What happens if the gas safety certificate expires?

If your landlord's gas safety certification has expired, you need to contact a Gas Safe engineer and arrange for a safety inspection. This is something that must be done annually.

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4 Simple steps to get a gas safety certificate in West Kingsdown


Order a gas safety check online from Gas Safety Certs


A registered engineer will visit your property within 48 hours


The engineer will assess your property for a small gas safety check cost


You will receive your gas certificate within 24 hours of inspection



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