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Gas Safety Certificates in Cardiff

The Gas Safety Regulations of 1988 states that landlords must obtain gas certificates to guarantee the safety of tenants in residential and commercial buildings in the UK. Therefore, as a property owner in Cardiff, you must order an annual gas safety inspection to get a valid gas certificate from a licensed engineer.

The Welsh National Statistics Bureau reported that in 2019 – 2020, 38% of all primary fires in the country were in residential buildings. Moreover, the statistics revealed that Cardiff had the second-highest number of fires in Wales. These numbers highlight the importance of gas safety certificates in Cardiff, especially in domestic properties.

What is Included in A Gas Safety Certificate?

A gas certificate contains the contact and appliance details of a property. You can expect the following information in a typical gas safety certificate:

  • Name and address of the property owner
  • Number of appliances that have been examined
  • The outcomes of appliance safety checks
  • The safety issues that were identified
  • Corrective work, if required
  • Details of the engineer who performed the safety inspection

Depending on the quality of your chosen service, you are issued a gas safety certificate within 48 - 72 hours of the gas safety check.  

Gas Safety Certs is renowned for is efficient and fast gas certificates; landlords can get a printable digital copy of their gas certificate within 2 working days!

What Happens If a Property Fails the Gas Safety Check in Cardiff?

If the gas safe engineer considers an appliance to be unsafe for use, they may mark it with either one of the following two warning labels:

  1. At Risk (AR)
  2. Immediately Dangerous (ID).

If the appliance is identified as ID, the gas safe engineer will disconnect the device with your permission and suggest that you have it serviced or replaced. As the name implies, appliances marked ID can cause fatal damage; therefore, tenants cannot use them until they are repaired.

On the other hand, appliances marked At Risk (AR) will not be disconnected, but you will be advised to bring them up to standard as soon as possible. In some cases, appliances labelled AR continue to be dangerous even after the gas supply has been shut off. In this instance, the gas safe engineer will issue a warning notice and refer you to the relevant service for maintenance. 

A gas safety check cost in Cardiff is around £80 on average. You will most likely be charged £10 per appliance if you have more than one boiler, gas hob, or fireplace. It is much more affordable to get a gas safety inspection every year instead of paying damages from CO poisoning, explosions, and fires.

If you have any further questions about gas safety certificates in Cardiff, click the button below to contact the experts at Gas Safety Certs.  

4 Simple steps to get a gas safety certificate in Cardiff


Order a gas safety check online from Gas Safety Certs


A registered engineer will visit your property within 48 hours


The engineer will assess your property for a small gas safety check cost


You will receive your gas certificate within 24 hours of inspection



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