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Gas Safety Certificates in Buckinghamshire

Are you letting your property in Buckinghamshire? Whether commercial or residential, to rent out a property, you must first obtain a valid gas certificate. 

The U.K. and Ireland governments require landlords to get a gas certificate every year to avoid the risk of Gas hazards and ensure the safety of their tenants. Failure to obtain a gas certificate every 12 months results in heavy fines and punitive penalties.  

Therefore, landlords in Buckinghamshire must get a Gas Safety Certificate from a reliable certificates’ provider. 

Gas Safety Certificates in Buckinghamshire
Gas Safety Certificates in Buckinghamshire

How to Get a Gas Certificate in Buckinghamshire

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Gas Safety Certificate Cost

In Buckinghamshire and the rest of the country, you are required to have a Gas Safe Engineer visit your property for the gas safety check. You cannot obtain a gas certificate without the inspection. The cost of the gas safety check and the gas certificate is combined as one cost

Gas Safety Certificate cost varies depending on the size, type, and location of the property. Here is the cost of gas certificates by Gas Safety Certs in Buckinghamshire: 

Residential Gas Safety (Up to 6 beds)

£34 - £49 Inc VAT

Commercial Gas Safety (Up to 50m2)

£159 Inc VAT

Commercial Gas Safety (51m2 to 500m2)

£199 - £299 Inc VAT

Commercial Gas Safety (751m2 to 2000m2)

£499 - £749 Inc VAT

Commercial Gas Safety (2001m2 to 5000m2)

£789 - £1149 Inc VAT

Green Deal Assessment 

£149 Inc VAT

Gas Safety Certificates in Hertfordshire

4 Simple steps to get a gas safety certificate in london


Order a gas safety check online from Gas Safety Certs


A registered engineer will visit your property within 48 hours


The engineer will assess your property for a small gas safety check cost


You will receive your gas certificate within 24 hours of inspection



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